All New Rush


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All New Rush



Beyond Exterior

Increasingly impressive and dynamic Sporty Exterior Design

Advanced Tech LED Headlamp

Strong presence with state-of-the-art line guide LED

(All Type)

Dashing Dark Chrome Grille

Remarkable entrance with daring front look

(All Type)

Tough Front TRD Underguard

Take on the road with solid strength and dominating appeal

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Integrated LED Rear Combination Lamp

Cutting-edge vehicle illumination system

(All Type)

Sturdy Rear TRD Underguard

Journey without boundary with attractively rugged rear guard

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Smart Entry

Unlock new adventures with ease

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Striking Side Moulding

Bold impression for a captivating side exterior

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Bold 17″ Machining Alloy Wheel

Innovative design with attitude

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Bold 16″ Machining Alloy Wheel

Innovative design with attitude

(G Type)

Beyond Interior

Modern and dashing look as well as maximum comfort while driving

Distinctive Soft Touch Dashboard

Dynamic two-tone aesthetic with premium modern design

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Sophisticated Head Unit

Advanced excitement in every journey

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Stunning Combination Meter

Visually attractive and informative display panel

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Auto A/C With Digital Display

Precision-controlled air flow to cruise in perfect comfort

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Comfortable Tilt Steering

Adjustable steering wheel for comfortable driving and confident control

(All Type)

Smart Start/Stop Engine Button

Begin your freedom with a simple touch

(All Type)

Power Slot On Every Row

Constant convenience for your everyday essentials

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Rear Parking Camera

Ensure a safer and easier way to park

(All Type)

8 Surround Sound Speakers

High end audio system for superior pleasure

(TRD Sportivo Type)

Beyond Safety

The comfort of passengers is a great concern for Toyota All New Rush to provide maximum standard for comfort

Protective 6 SRS Airbags

(All Type)

Solid Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

(All Type)

Assuring 7 Seat Belt Indicators

(All Type)

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

(All Type)

Secured Hill- Start Assist (HSA)

(All Type)

Emergency Brake Signal (EBS)

(All Type)

Beyond Performance

Feel the ultimate driving experience with a fuel efficient and proven tough Dual VVT-i engine performance

Dual VVT-i Engine

Fully liberating urban driving experience

(All Type)

Beyond Accessories

Toyota accessories options. Show your style!

TRD Door Handle Protector

Part Number (16821-TAD14)

Cargo Net

Part Number (24611-TAD14)

Air Purifier

Parts Number (5B001-TAD14)*

For Dealer Jabodetabek, West Java & Lampung

*Others Dealer order using Service Part Number 5B001-TAD14-TC at nearest Dealer

Spare Tire Cover

Part Number (45801-TAD14)


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